Scanpan Cookware

Cleaning and Using Scanpan

What to do – follow these top tips to get the most from your pots and pans

  1. Heat your pan slowly. Start by setting your hob to a medium heat, before or while preparing your meat and vegetables. Then by the time your food is ready, your pan will be perfect for frying.

  2. Take special care with the heating speed if you have an induction hob – the cooking plate’s function for rapid heating can easily destroy the base of your pot or pan.

  3. Fry at medium to 3/4 heat. Any higher is unnecessary. This way you kill several birds with one stone: You avoid overheating, reduce the risk of burnt-on food and you use less energy.

  4. Avoid rapid cool-downs – let the pots and pans cool down before pouring on cold water.