Scanpan Cookware



Do you have an induction cooktop in your kitchen? Here’s some useful information about induction and how to choose the appropriate cookware.

How does induction work?

An induction burner has electric coils underneath it, so a pot or pan needs to have a magnetic base. The current runs through the coils, generating a magnetic field. This process heats the magnetic materials on the stovetop, i.e. the pot or pan and its contents. That’s why it’s essential that the kitchen equipment you use on an induction cooker is suitable for induction and has a magnetic base – otherwise the pot or pan will not heat.

“It’s easy to check whether your pot or pan is suitable for induction: if a magnet sticks to the base, the answer is yes!”

Martin Rasmussen, Product & Brand Manager

Do all pots and pans work on all induction cookers?

The short answer to this question is, unfortunately, no. The size of the induction cooker’s burners or hobs varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. For the induction technology to work optimally, the entire cooking area must be covered by a pot or pan that accurately matches its dimensions.

How do I find the equipment that fits my induction cooker?

Write down the burner or hob dimensions and keep them handy when buying equipment. Note that the magnetic area on the pan base may be smaller than the pan’s diameter. It is the magnetic area on the base that needs to fit the cooker’s burner. That’s why you need to try them out – you can check whether a pot or pan fits the burner by bringing the pan to the boil. If the product isn’t heating up, or the heat distribution is uneven, you need to look for a different pan. We therefore recommend that you buy one or two products and test them on your cooker before buying the full range.