Scanpan Cookware


What is different about SCANPAN’s induction products?

In short, the ‘difference’ is the way SCANPAN creates its induction products. In our aluminium products, we cast the steel plate inside the pot or pan to make it more magnetic. This means that the aluminium and steel are tightly linked, which ensures excellent heat distribution.

As well as aluminium products, we also make induction kitchen equipment in steel, some of which is made with an aluminium core running through the ‘body’, meaning it is both in the base and the walls. Other kitchen equipment has a sandwich base with an aluminium core.

It is all carefully made with optimal base thickness, maximum efficiency and perfect heat distribution.

How does SCANPAN’s method for making induction products differ from that of your competitors?

There are also other production techniques that some of our competitors use. They might glue or rivet the steel plate in place, thereby pressing it onto the pot or pan. This method can result in a thin layer of air forming between the metals, which impairs the pot or pan’s heat distribution. Products may also ‘take in water’ between the different layers, which also impairs the product.

Another point where SCANPAN stands out is that our production is based in Denmark – as opposed to China, where production can be inconsistent. At the factory in Ryomgård, we make kitchen equipment of the highest quality and durability, which is rooted in traditional principles of craftsmanship.