Scanpan Cookware

Any tips for cleaning Scanpan ?

SCANPAN Classic, Professional and IQ clean with the wipe of a sponge. As with all cookware, cleanup is easiest immediately after use, while the pan is still warm and any food residue has not yet had a chance to solidify. Due to SCANPAN’s heavy duty construction, you can hold the hot pan under cold water and literally steam clean the cooking surface (most other pans can’t take such treatment)! For the outside, use a nylon sponge or something similar. The pan base (the shiny steel part) of SCANPAN Classic, Professional and IQ can be cleaned with a stiff bristle brush. Keep in mind, however, that aluminum likes to react quickly with food residue, water, heat etc. to form a layer of oxidization, which results in more or less pronounced discolorations that cannot be totally removed. For the SCANPAN Stainless Steel, use any Stainless cleaners/polish as needed.